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Individual Rights

Along with the right to own a firearm, the right to own property and use that property as you see fit needs to be protected at all costs. Owning your own piece of land is the American dream.  It was at the foundation of our country’s independence and development. We must make sure that Montanans individual rights are never put in jeopardy by government overreach and abuse of eminent domain.

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Second Amendment

As a lifelong hunter and gun collector I believe one of the freedoms that sets us apart is the right to keep and bear arms. I have been member of the NRA for over 25 years.  I plan to protect this right as the founders intended. Montana is a gun-friendly state, no matter how many people in Helena try to suggest otherwise.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

I believe our small business owners are a major part of the backbone of Montana. Economic demand creates jobs, not government grants and programs. The best social assistance is a job that offers a hand up, not a hand out.

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